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Thurston Family Farming Heritage

Our wrangler and tour operator, Todd, is a 5th generation of the Thurston family who homesteaded this ranch.

Todd’s great-great grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Thurston moved to Morgan around 1869 with his two wives and 21 children. He land-traded and purchased a large portion of Morgan from Brigham Young.

Thomas’ son Bert, (Todd’s great grandfather) built the historic rock house that connects to Milton Park. Bert raised his family on a very small portion of the family farm. He raised remount horses for the cavalry and for farm work. Bert was well known for having some very good remount horses. He also enjoyed racing them.

Bert’s son Glen, (Todd’s grandfather) bought a small ranch at the end of Island road. The back part of this ranch hooked into Bert’s ranch. Bert and Glen ranched together until Bert died.

Grandpa Glen is the one that bought the first team of Clydesdale horses. Glen’s son Dale (Todd’s dad) was in a very bad accident as a young boy with the remount horses while farming in about 1935. A cavalry representative came out every year to select the remount horses they would use. The year after young Dale’s accident, the cavalry man helped Glen get the first Clydesdale team because he thought they would be safer for the kids to do the farm work with.

Dale and his brother Fred ranched together with with their dad until he passed. They increased the ranch over many years. In the 1980s the brothers divided the farm but still ran it together until Dale passed away.

Todd and his wife Becky bought the current generation of Clydesdales from the family and continue to use them for giving rides and some farm work.