Thurston Farms

Horse Drawn Sleigh and Wagon Rides in Morgan, Utah

Come enjoy scenic Morgan, UT for your next family adventure!

Welcome to Thurston Farms! Come enjoy a relaxing, scenic sleigh or wagon ride with us. The ride will take you back in time as you listen to the sleigh bells jingling with each movement of the team. Take in the beautiful scenery of the Wasatch back on one side and the Weber river on the other. Every ride we have given someone comments: “It is just so beautiful, peaceful, and quiet”. It may not be the Tetons but it is pretty darn close. Our family has been raising, training, and working Clydesdales for over 85 years. Our Clydesdales are raised and trained on this 100-year-old farm. We still raise and train them today. Becky and I will share a little history about the farm and some of the structures on it. It is not uncommon to see a Bald Eagle or other wildlife on our ride. Book a private ride for you and your sweetheart and have a romantic adventure. Bring the whole family, friends, co-workers or a combination of all. We will provide blankets to help make you as comfortable as possible, but dress warm.

In the summer book the Milton Park online for a reunion, company party, or whatever, 🙂 then book a ride. We will pick you up at the park. You don’t have to use the park, that’s just an option. The short drive to get to Morgan will be worth every minute whether you are coming down through Weber Canyon or up from Park City.

If you want a lesson on hooking up and driving the team, you can book two concurrent rides. You can help groom the horses, help harness, and learn some basic information. You will then be given a driving lesson. This will be done by walking behind the team while driving them. You can also sit up front with Becky and I during the ride. After the ride is over you can help take the harness off and brush the horses off.

We do not have bathroom facilities at the barn. You will need to stop at the gas station near the exit.


Lesson: Book two consecutive rides ($25 per person for the first ride, and $100 for the entire second ride). Split the lesson with up to 4 people.

It was a beautiful afternoon for a sleigh ride. We had a great time on this beautiful, peaceful sleigh ride and enjoyed hearing the history of this property.

Kelli B.

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